A truly immersive experience

Get ready to experience and say goodbye to watching events in standard format. Look around, navigate the event and feel like you’re actually there! Our VR technology makes it possible to give you a trully immersive experience and our VR content is here to fill with emotion and transport.

Interactive and personalized

Our platform offers a personalised and interactive environment, letting you explore events like never before. See what everyone else is seeing or take a walk around to get a better view of this action – all in REAL TIME in Live Stream.

An easy to use interface

Whether you have a VR headset or not, you can still enjoy the full 360 °. Viewing images and video content directly on your web browser. Pick up your mobile, PC, laptop, tablet or cast the content on your SmartTV and enjoy!
Letting you jump into the action quickly and easily. You can access your favourite events on the go!

Rediscover reality



🎉 Event: The Karpenter & Friends DJ Set! 🎧 We are excited to present an exceptional digital event in collaboration with iFeelvirtuel: The Karpenter & Friends DJ Set, streaming live and available on-demand, featuring a virtual reality experience and 360° imagery. No matter where you are, this immersive experience will virtually transport you to this sensational event! Whether you're using [...]

Heading in the metaverse? 

Let’s first clarify something about the metaverse, if some big players made moves to appropriate this space to themselves, it is much more open and easy to access

Digital Streaming designed to keep the speed

Virtual reality (VR) live streaming technology is revolutionizing the way we experience events. Whether it’s a concert, conference, or sporting event, VR technology allows…

VR video and 360° mapping, surrounding imagery beyond reality

Also known as 360 VR or virtual reality, content becomes interactive and immersive. The imagerie completely surrounds the user as if they are standing in the middle of a scene or a photo…


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