About us

We are a virtual reality company with a bold vision. We believe there is a lot to learn by working in a real production environment, alongside other like-minded people. 

With this in mind, we started gathering human skills to create our team. From there, the group quickly grew strong with passionate people and many collaborators around the world. After all, the VR community is tight-knit, passionate, dedicated and collaborative.

What we bring to the table ? 

We’ve had an amazing journey to get to where we are today, and we’re confident that we can provide you with a professional and efficient solution in the shortest time possible.

We have extensive expertise in the following areas: 




Immersive VR storytelling

Live event and conference

Video and 360° mapping

Introductory VR events

Streaming, hosting & ticketing

Pre and post production 

Interactive VR, VFX, AR

Spatial audio




Social Media

Our partners


Curious to hear what VR can offer to your business or project? 

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