Also known as 360 VR or virtual reality, content becomes interactive and immersive. The imagerie completely surrounds the user as if they are standing in the middle of a scene or a photo. From 4k to fully enhanced 3D 11K solutions for best resolution. Our unique visual enhancement technology makes immersive VR a stunning reality. Both videography and imaging 360 is one of expertise and ever fast evolving technologies we are keeping pace with. 
360 mapping – Mapping a spherical field of view to a flat image while encoding and delivering the effect of a 360-degree image to viewers for a website or a virtual space projection is what we do.  
360 mapping just stops short of virtual reality, but unlike virtual reality, offers brands a huge advantage- mass exposure without the need for specialised warble devices. 360 projection mapping serves a wide range of purposes. At the push of a button the viewers can view installations, main attractions both interior and exterior. It is an extremely versatile immersive medium to brand events, festival installations, corporate buildings, real estate to promote and feel your space through imagerie. You can integrate both 360 photo and video on your website. 
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