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About us

iFeelvirtuel is a tech company that is pushing the boundaries between virtual reality technologies and a world ready immersive experience.

We collaborate with the best content creators, connectivity specialists and network engineers and use the best Virtual Reality tools, while striving for the good of the community.

Passionate entertainment experts, our research in powering live events with VR technologies enabled us to make the impossible possible. We developed our own tools and know-how to accomplish our goals in VR Live Streaming and Web Integration.

Our expertise ranges in technologies including VR, 360° Imagery, Augmented Reality, Avatars and Web3 / Metaverse. We lead the virtual immersive experience with the purpose of rediscovering reality through virtual engagement and building communities.


To revolutionize the way people experience events through cutting-edge virtual reality technology delivered on the web. We strive to provide content creators with a platform that empowers them to deliver immersive and high-quality VR streaming experiences to Virtual Spectators. By connecting creators and Virtual Spectators worldwide, we redefine the boundaries of virtual reality entertainment.


Empowering VR Creators and Virtual Spectators to experience new realities when viewing Entertainment, Sports, Education, Training, Travel, and Real Estate content. Our platform serves as the premier VR hub, offering a comprehensive toolbox to accelerate the production and delivery of high-quality live and on-demand immersive VR and 360° experiences. We empower users to make informed choices about their content consumption while serving as a trusted provider to the most captivating and up-to-date immersive entertainment venues.

Our values

Our mission is to inspire, connect and transform through unique immersive experiences.


We strive to be at the forefront of immersive experiences, continually pushing the boundaries of virtual reality technology and content creation.


We encourage personal and professional growth for users and creators, providing opportunities for learning, development, and advancement in the virtual reality space.


We embrace diversity in content, creators, and users, celebrating different voices and experiences within our platform.


We promote the integration of diverse communities and perspectives, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity.


We prioritize the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and ideas, fostering a collaborative and supportive community within iFeelvirtual.

VR/ 360° Expertise

VR Streaming

VR Live & On-demand production

Event, exhibition & conference

VR experience & VRodcast

Metaverse hosting

Online ticketing sales

VR / 360°

VR and 360° video

VR high-connectivity

3D imaging & avatar creation


VR Storytelling

Virtual touring

Contextual experience

Interactive redirect

Education / learning


Immersive client experience

Event activation / VR kiosk

Promotional content

Partnership program


Web Integration

VR UX experience / UI design

VR / 360 functionality

Software architecture & development

Metaverse integration

Security infrastructure

Social Media

Content strategy

Video content production

Graphic design

Publishing and advertising

Community management

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