Let’s first clarify something about the metaverse, if some big players made moves to appropriate this space to themselves, it is much more open and easy to access.  The metaverse: an immersive, digital environment populated by virtual avatars representing actual people. The latest, and some speculate being the most disruptive media and medium revolution the 21rst century has to offer. The meta is the latest marketing opportunity. Forget about the trends of the social media area, we are getting inherently closer to the audience, and the strategies require a lot more contextual human experience to engage. Yet don’t forget to bring your social media to the 
While marketers need to keep in mind the value of millennials and Gen Zers, the meta is catering, which will be surprising to some, to a much wider demographics then expected.  The change in our recent reality, an array of affordable hardware coming to market and the best technologies coming at us faster than ever set the table for unparalleled new terms. 

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