Lifelike and engaging
Virtual reality (VR) video streaming is one way to take real life to the masses and the metaverse space! This innovative twist on video is helping organizations connect with and grow their audience in a way that is more lifelike and engaging than standard content . A popular use of VR is entertainment, yet the medium is also very powerful for sales, marketing, training, business, showcases, showrooms and conferences.
Virtual events record a 4x higher attendance rate compared to in-person. It also offers the opportunity to expand on a global reach and tap into new markets. A VR event reduces expenses significantly by taking travel costs out of the equation for both exhibitors and visitors. The flexibility of the access and pre-recorded content allows attendees a better focus and get important insight on the event. VR is engaging, bringing socializing to a real-life setting and set stage for efficient communication and networking opportunities. 
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